Actor's Biography

Emilia, born as Edyta, is originally from Korschen, Northeastern Prussia (German: Preußen, old part of Germany) today located in Poland. Her father escaped with her 4 years older brother from the communism to Germany when she was 2. From then on, her mother tried to follow them. Fearing that the authorities could use Emilia as a means of blackmail to prevent the family from leaving the country, her mother sold all her valuables and moved to her oldest sister on the farm, where they kept hidden. At the age of 3 Emilia and her mother were reunited with her father and brother in Germany, the following year their family got a new family member, her little sister.

Because of the initial language barrier, Emilia began to study people’s body language in order to understand them without words. To hide her Polish accent while she was speaking in German, to improve her grammar and increase the German vocabulary, Emilia developed a passion for reading.

From the age of 7, she took part in theater performances in the school and at the school choir. Later, she was instrumental in creating choreographics and even writing her own scripts.

With one of her scripts she  applied and qualified performing at the famous “Kölner Puppen Theater (Hänneschen Theater)”. She was upgraded as leading actress “Bärbelchen” and participated in a documentary about this theater project on “WDR”, a public TV  Channel in Germany with more than 14 million viewers daily . From that day on, she knew that this was her passion. She attended theatrical performances, musicals, even wrote musicals and songs for her school and group performances.

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